land link's thoughts on water


Everyone knows
the importance of water.

That is why we pursue
the potential of water
and add value to it.

The importance of water The importance of water


Thank you,
For your interest in a company that takes
water so seriously.

It is no easy feat to create a concept that does not exist in the world, to change the conventional wisdom of the world, and to establish it as part of our culture.

Today, we use computers and smartphones as a matter of course, and are connected to the rest of the world via the Internet.
However, just over 20 years ago, few people used computers for work, had email addresses on their business cards, or used Google to gather information.

What we at land link are trying to challenge may be unimaginable now, and if we tell anyone about it, they might just laugh.

However, when we realize these dreams and can pass them down to our children, I will be more than happy.
We will continue to pursue the possibilities of water in order to see smiles on the faces of our employees, our customers, and their families.

land link Co.
Director Tomoaki Hasumi


In the beginning the business was cleaning

In the beginning
the business was cleaning

Our company began with a family dry cleaning business, which has been in business for 80 years.

Cleaning involves the use of large quantities of water, as well as numerous chemicals for stain removal, which are mixed and sprayed according to the characteristics of the stains.
Mr. Hasumi's father had esophageal cancer and passed away at the age of 70, believing that chemicals might be a contributed.

A new approach to washing with water

A new approach
to washing with water

To continue the company, Mr. Hasumi's and his brother worked together to research chemical-free washing methods.
They established a water-only washing method, allowing us to provide our customers with a safe and reliable cleaning service.
At the time, the popularity of major dry cleaning chains forced many skilled dry cleaners out of business.
Hasumi then took to the streets of Ginza in his tiny car and began a pickup and delivery service to provide cleaning services for high-end garments that cannot be handled by the major dry cleaning chains, and to have them washed by our dry cleaners or by Hasumi's old friends' dry cleaners.

This was the beginning of the CHAMPION cleaning concierge business.

From clothes to vegetables

From clothes to vegetables

In 2013, Mr. Hasumi had his first child, a daughter.
When you have children, you become more conscious about food.
The amount of pesticides used on the fruits and vegetables made us think of ways to combat this.
Using a method inspired by the Mr. Hasumi's previous work, and the vegetables kept their delicious organic taste.
This would be a safe way to feed his children, even using the nutritious skin.

This was the birth of our product "Veggie-Safe".

land link's envisioned future

land link's envisioned future

The desire to protect the health of our loved ones and the potential of water is the driving force behind the services we at land link provide. Water makes up the majority of the human body, and it is a necessity to humankind.
We believe that we must actively contribute to humanity by handling water with care. For this reason, we are committed to "Veggie-Safe," the water used to wash vegetables.

We deliver our products to our customers with the words, "We'll take it from here." This is based on our belief that coexistence and co-prosperity are essential.
While it is important to consume organically grown vegetables, we believe that it is most vital to consume conventionally grown vegetables. And the fact that washing vegetables allows the nutrients in the peel to be consumed without waste, gives a solution to malnutrition and food waste.

For the future of our children, we believe in and pursue the potential of water to create an abundant future full of smiles.

11/2023 First Japanese company to receive the award

“ 野菜を皮ごと食べる活動 ”で「STEWARD LEADERSHIP 25」を受賞

"STEWARD LEADERSHIP 25" for "Eat Vegetables with Their Skins"


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