First Japanese company to receive the Steward Leadership 25 award

Steward Leadership 25 First Japanese company
to receive the award

SHAPING the FUTURE with WATER|land link

Everyone knows
the importance of water.

That is why we pursue the potential of water,
value and create a world where people and
nature prosper together with smiles abound.

First Japanese Company to Receive STEWARD LEADERSHIP 25 Award for "Eat Vegetables with Their Skins"





Thank you for your
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takes water seriously



Cleaning concierge "CHAMPION" ~ A washing that is nice to people and the environment. ~

クリーニング・コンシェルジュ 『CHAMPION』

We pursue unique cleaning methods that do not use chemicals and are not only gentle to clothing, but also to people and the environment. We focus on cleaning special costumes with many ornaments, fashionable clothing, kimonos, leather goods, and other garments that are difficult to clean with ordinary cleaning methods. We guarantee high quality cleaning while minimizing the burden on the fabric.

Vegetable washing water "Veggie-Safe" ~ Thanks Pesticide, we'll take it from here. ~

Vegetable washing water

We want children to enjoy eating vegetables down to the skin. Veggie Safe" was created with this in mind. All you have to do is spray it on the food and rinse it with water. The natural taste of vegetables is enhanced, and the whole skin is delicious. It can also be used for meat, seafood, and rice.


First Japanese recipient of the "STEWARD LEADERSHIP 25"
for "Eat Vegetables with Their Skins"

"MUSEO": High-grade clothing and cultural asset storage ~ Passing on Japanese culture to future generations ~

高級衣類・文化財保管 『MUSEO』

This is a system for storing kimonos and other cultural assets that should be preserved for future generations in special cases that maintain an oxygen-free, aseptic condition, in optimal conditions.
Under the supervision of the Bunka Gakuen Clothing Museum, we handle a variety of cultural assets, including cultural properties dedicated to the Housetsuji Temple in Fukui Prefecture, military uniforms stored at the Nogi Shrine in Kyoto, and dresses from the Meiji era. We also use this technology to store precious kimonos and furs that lie in ordinary households, along with the memories of the people who use them.


land link is a proud supporter of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Life below water/Clean water and sanitation

    The Potential of Water

    We have developed a stain remover that can wash without detergents or other synthetic surfactants, and we have brought out the further potential of water by improving the electronic structure of water.

  • Quality education

    Nurturing Children

    Through "Veggie-Safe", we provide education for each child to think about future food for themselves by showing the actual production conditions of Japanese crops and the need for pesticides.

  • No poverty/Good health and well-being

    Make the Peel a Feast

    In support of the "Nutrition Marugoto Project," a project to eat vegetables whole, even their skins, "Veggie-Safe" is introduced as an item for eating vegetables with their skins.

  • Life on land

    Washing the Soil

    From washing clothes cultivated in "CHAMPION" to washing vegetables with "Veggie-Safe". This development has expanded to protecting farmland.


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May 25, 2007
Nutrition Marugoto Project

We fully support the
Nutrition Marugoto Project

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